Saturday, 29/02/2020

Notice to Mariners
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Số/ Thời gian ban hành Notice to Mariners
23/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 21-02-2020 The sunken barge VL – 11311 on Soài Rạp fairway View details
22/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 20-02-2020 Parameters of Ha Tien fairway View details
21/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 20-02-2020 Depth of mooring waters in Dua river fairway View details
20/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 20-02-2020 Restoration of operation of Ke Ga main light View details
19/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 17-02-2020 The new establishment of specialized buoys “HP1”, “HP2” serving dredging construction of Hiep Phuoc Power Co., Ltd View details
18/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 14-02-2020 The temporary suspension of operation, reporting the traffic situation on fairways and regulating stations in service of the construction of Phuoc Khanh and Binh Khanh bridges View details
17/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 11-02-2020 DN58 vessel operating construction package for wharf construction of Long Son Refining And Petrochemical JSC View details
16/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 10-02-2020 The new establishment of buoy “BH 01”, “BH 02” on Dinh An general port project View details
15/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 07-02-2020 Depth of mooring waters in front of Hyosung Vina Chemicals View details
09/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 21-01-2020 Depth of mooring waters in front of CMIT of New Port View details
08/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 21-01-2020 Depth of mooring waters 1 in front of K12A, K12C port View details
07/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 21-01-2020 Depth of mooring waters SOWATCO – TL09, SOWATCO – ĐT1, SOWATCO – ĐT3 wharf View details
06/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 17-02-2020 Regarding the dredging and maintenance of Saigon – Vung Tau fairway 2019 View details
05/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 13-01-2020 Depth of mooring waters in front of Bai Vong wharf of Hòa Bình Hàm Ninh Co., Ltd View details
01/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 07-01-2020 Depth of mooring waters of BP4; BP8; BP9; BP10; BP11 View details
297/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 31-12-2019 Depth of water on Dinh An – Song Hau fairway section from buoy “0” to buoy “16” View details
296/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 31-12-2019 About specifications of Ong Doc lighthouse – Ca Mau province View details
295/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 31-12-2019 Depth of water n front of wharf of Vinh Hung Dong Nai Co., Ltd View details
294/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 31-12-2019 Depth of water on anchor of 50,000 DWT floating berth for Cu Lao Tao petroleum depot and wharf No. 1, 2 (petroleum wharf 01 and petroleum wharf 02) wharf 10.000DWT of PVOIL Eastern View details
292/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 26-12-2019 The new establishment of specialized buoy “SĐ3”, “SĐ4”, “SĐ5”, “SĐ6” in service of construction of towing rope across the sub-branch of Hau river of 500kV Song Hau – Duc Hoa transmission line project View details