Sunday, 21/07/2019

Notice to Mariners
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Số/ Thời gian ban hành Notice to Mariners
151/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 17-07-2019 About the operation of the drilling rig HYKURYU 5 in Block 06.1 Nam Con Son basin, off Vietnam’s continental shelf View details
149/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 16-07-2019 Depth of waters in front of Quy Nhơn Military port View details
148/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 11-07-2019 Depth of waters in front of SSIC wharf, anchoring of berths of berths TB1, TB2, TB3 at Saigon Shipbuilding Industry Company Limited View details
147/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 10-07-2019 Depth of fairway, turning basin and waters in front of Hon Khoi port View details
145/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 05-07-2019 Change of the characteristics of buoys “8”, “10” on “10”, “12” on Sài Gòn – Vũng Tàu fairway View details
144/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 05-07-2019 The new establishment of buoys “26A” on Vung Tau – Thi Vai fairway View details
143/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 05-07-2019 Termination of buoy “25” on Vung Tau – Thi Vai fairway View details
142/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 05-07-2019 Receiving Holmen Pacific barges into Vietsovpetro port View details
139/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 03-07-2019 Depth of waters in front of PV Shipyard wharf in PetroVietNam Marine Shipyard View details
135/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 28-06-2019 Depth of Dinh An – hau river fairway, section from buoy “0” to buoy “16” View details
134/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 25-06-2019 Depth of waters at archor area of buoy BP3 of Hung Thai Petroleum and Marine Services Joint Stock Company View details
133/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 24-06-2019 The sweeping of obstacles The anchorage area of ​​vessel on the Hau River View details
128/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 18-06-2019 The new establishment of specialized buoys in Xuân Thành cement distribution station, Khánh Hòa province View details
126/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 18-06-2019 Depth of waters in front of wharf V1,V2 – VICT port on Saigon river View details
125/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 14-06-2019 Depth of 800DWT cement barge berth belongs to Thi Vai crushing station View details
123/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 12-06-2019 Regarding NINA vessels operating dredging of access channels, berths, Hydrocarbon wharf 1 and 2 berths under Package F of the South Vietnam Petrochemical Complex project View details
122/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 12-06-2019 Depth of Con Son – Con Dao fairway View details
120/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 06-06-2019 Depth of Ben Dam – Con Dao fairway View details
119/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 06-06-2019 Depth of pilot reception area at Ben Dam fishing port View details
118/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 06-06-2019 Depth of waters in front of Phu My oil port of Phu My 2.1 1 thermal power plant View details