Monday, 17/02/2020

Notice to Mariners

28/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN – Depth of Dinh River fairway


 Depth of Dinh River fairway


– Territorial water:  Baria – Vungtau province.

– Fairway’s name:  Dinh River.

On behalf of Ministry of Transport, Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation notifies that:

In the designed navigational channel width, limited and guided by AtoNs system, depth in meter to chart datum, detail as follows:

1)- In the designed navigational channel width of 100m, from buoy number “9” of Vungtau – Thivai  channel to Vietsovpetro Port:

Shallow area with depths of less than 7,0m  appears  on the portside, from the lower section of buoy “8” about  90m to upper section of buoy “8” about 400m, the shallowest depth is 6,2m at the coordinate:

Depth in meter

VN2000 Co-ordinate system

WGS-84 Co-ordinate system

Long l

Lat j

Long l

Lat j


10023’36”1 N

107005’19”9 E

10023’32”4 N

107005’26”4 E

– Along  the centerline of fairway, the depth as 7.0 meters or higher.

2)-  In the designed navigational channel width of 80m, from Vietsovpetro Port to upstream of Vinaoffshore Port about 200m: The minimum depth of 5.8 meters.

3)- In the designed navigational channel width of 80m, from upstream of Vinaoffshore Port about 200m about 200m to buoy “22”: The minimum depth of 4.7 meters.


Every vessels navigating on Dinh River  fairway should follow AtoN system and apply reasonable measure of navigation to ensure traffic safety when navigating through areas mentioned above./.

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