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About us

Functions & Duties


The main task:

  • Management and operation of lighthouses and AtoN systems;
  • Surveying and issuing notice to mariners;
  • Manufacturing, supply ENC, paper charts;
  • Regulation of ensuring safe marine maritime safety for construction works and other activities taking place in the ports, harbors and fairways;
  • Dredging maintenance of fairways, waters and other works;
  •  Survey and performance of clearance obstructions in the fairways areas, waters and other works;
  •  Design and construction of maritime works;
  •  Building new vessels; repair, processing mechanical products; Inspection of industrial equipment;
  •  Design, fabrication, manufacturing, installation of new AtoN, mooring buoys;
  •  Guide into the harbor sea ships, piers, transshipment;
  •  Towage, support vessels, floating facilities in, out of ports and channels and the transportation of goods and passengers;
  • Salvage of ships, cargo, engineering, underwater (detail: Survey, filming, photography, underwater construction);
  •  Salvage and rescue at sea;
  • Cooperating with relevant agencies to protect the marine environment and national defence and security.

Other lines of business:


  • Marine on the job trainers; pilot training, leasing pilots and crew members;
  • Management consultancy of traffic works project and civil engineering (Details: Project planning, design estimates and project verification, profile bidding, analysis and evaluation of bids, construction supervision, topographic survey);
  • Business services of renting offices, factories, hotels and tourism;
  •  Shipping;
  • Shipping agents and shipping services;
  • Collection, forwarding and cargo handling services;
  • Direct import and export of materials, vehicles, equipment and goods;
  • Business vehicle rental and property;
  •  Agents dealing in fuel (petrol, oil, lubricants);
  • Diving tourism services at home and abroad;
  • Reef break, cut, submerged wreck;
  • Construction works waterway traffic (tangent shore embankment, dredging, blowing smoke canals, docks, ports);
  • Excavation of rock, leveling to create dumps;
  • Trading and commodities: underwater diving equipment; electrical equipment, electronic; garments; equipment, supplies, machinery for industry, handicraft and construction industry.
  • Sell ​​always solid fuels, liquid, gas and related products (Details: Business bottling, distribution and technical services liquefaction);
  • Investment and real estate business;
  • Trading ports and harbor services;
  • Business warehouse, container warehouse, bonded warehouse;
  • Machining, fabrication, repair and assembly of structural steel, precast concrete structures;
  • Outsourcing rubber band tying goods; service force, unmooring the ship;
  • Other tasks set by the Ministry of Transport.