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Dai Lanh

Dai Lanh Cape mountains are created by the General Consulate – a branch of the Truong Son range, crashed into the East Sea.

Dai Lanh Cape by a French general named Varella discovered in the late 19th century. Varella has noticed the important role of Mui Dai Lanh on international charts. Therefore, on old maps it is called Cap Varella (Cape Varella). A special feature of Mui Dai Lanh is it looks like a mountain as an island because there is a freshwater stream separating it from the mainland, but actually it immediately inland.

Dai Lanh scenery in the mountains from the past were listed as of the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam. In 1836, King Minh Mang to show images in Tuyen Dai Lanh mountain peaks – one of nine co-located at the top of The Temple in the Bible college Hue (Thua Thien – Hue). In 1853, under King Tu Duc and Dai Lanh named in the national dictionary compiled by the court.

Locals called  Mui Dai Lanh (Mui Dien), because the top is about 26m high Dai Lanh lighthouse, at an altitude of over 100m above the sea level and can detect light signals 27 miles away. Dai Lanh lighthouse has circular cylinder with an average diameter of nearly 5 meters, were installed inside the cylinder 108 spiral stairs of wood from the top. This is one of eight lighthouses dating back over 100 years of 79 lighthouses operating in our country.

Dai Lanh lighthouse was built by the French in 1890 with the purpose of navigation for vessels operating at sea and in Vung Ro Bay. Dai Lanh lighthouse work 55 years, and to cease in 1961, it was the Saigon government before restoration work again. However, operating lighthouse is not how often to pause by Mui Dai Lanh is located in the Eastern regional base of the revolution, that the corridor did not catch the boat number. To prevent international sea routes of the revolution in Vung Ro, the U.S. bombing of dense jungle area in Vung Ro Bay, destroying the lighthouse station. 8 / 1996, the State has for repairs, renovations and lighthouse officially resumed in 1997.

Dai Lanh lighthouse is located in Vung Ro hamlet, Hoa Xuan Nam commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province.  This is an isolated lighthouse to provide assistant to vessels navigating to-and-fro in Phu Yen waters.

Position: 120 53’47.51”N -1090 27’ 6”E –
Luminus Range:
Day time: 27Nm
Night time: 27Nm
Tower: 26,5m
Focal Plane: 110m
Light Characteristics:
Light: White
Flash: Group flashing 3+1 every 16s
Color of Tower: Dark Grey
Light equipment:
Main: VMS RB 400
Standby: HD 500
Established: 1997


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