Wednesday, 10/08/2022

Product & Service

Maritime Engineering

In the field of marine engineering, VMS-S is a unit capable and experienced in the field of design, processing, manufacture and repair of mechanical products: Newbuilding and repair of hydraulic facilities, processing and manufacturing of AtoNs, processing and manufacturing of industrial mechanical products …


Southern MMC, associated companies by VMS-S owns less than 50% of charter capital, has a thickness of nearly 40 years, building more than 1,700 AtoNs, building vessel KS.04, tug boats 385HP overhaul hundreds vessels, machining cylindrical target system fairway Saigon – Vung Tau and many other mechanical products. Specially, unit has certification of Vietnam Registry Department as inspection stations VR.LAB 23 specialized inspection sheet thickness measurement, weld, nondestructive testing, try to pull the chain, cable and link details.


Other Product & Service

Maritime Pilotage

Hydrographic Survey & Catography


Fairway Maintenance Dredging

Operational management of fairways and AtoNs

AIDS to Navigation

Salvage and Rescue

Maritime Construction

Waterbone Traffic Regulation