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Hydrographic Survey & Catography

One of the strengths of VMS-S is design, survey and measurement of maritime works, fairways, AtoNs system, marine, and other works related design dredging, design plans to ensure the safety regulating maritime traffic … Besides, VMS-S also perform surveying services, up the plan; topographic survey design service port construction, dredging; detectors shipwreck, Shoals, rocks … Especially, with strengths in research and innovation, VMS-S has manufacturing, applications, successful implementation of solutions, devices serve effectively for specialized activities, such as: wave processing software to enhance depth measurement accuracy; technology applications for processes dynamically positioned deep measured water level monitoring; especially establishing ENC system for fairways within the scope of management to serve the survey process and fairway management.


Testing Depth gauge

Hải đồ điện tử


ENC products provide seafarers maps and necessary information, such as location of the ship from time to time; warning of the dangers, obstacles and planning tracking maritime route. In 2007, ENCs fairway Saigon – Vung Tau is accepted by the Council of Science and Technology Department of Vinamarine, ENCs are not only applied within VMS-S but many specialized units such as port authorities, pilots also used in the management, towage effectively.

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Maritime Engineering

Maritime Pilotage


Fairway Maintenance Dredging

Operational management of fairways and AtoNs

AIDS to Navigation

Salvage and Rescue

Maritime Construction

Waterbone Traffic Regulation