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Product & Service


VMS-S is a state owned enterprise which independent implementation of the product and public services established under Decision No. 1099 / QD-BGTVT 05.27.2011 of the Minister Transportation.


Head Office of VMS-South

Currently, VMS-S has 10 departments, stations, 9 dependent accounting units, 5 Limited Companies, 2 JSC dominant capital (over 50% of charter capital) and 2 joint companies (mother company holds less than 50% of charter capital) based in Hanoi and the provinces of South Central and South as Binh Dinh, Khanh Hoa, HCMC. HCMC, Can Tho, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

With more than 1,800 employees and workers, trained professionally, the staff of VMS-S may assume all the work related to the field of ensuring maritime safety, construction of marine, survey, sounding, mechanical repair, fabrication of maritime signaling devices …

Facilities of VMS-S:

+ The specialized wharf for ships 1000DWT with ground floor of 2 hectares.

 + 400 ton slipway repair construction service, building new hydro facilities.

 + The specialized vehicles such as: Truck cranes 16 tons (02 pcs); truck 10 tons (04 units); 12-ton forklifts, in addition to many other types of cars to serve the maritime safety.

+ The specialized machines such as bending hydraulic MSHPB 1230, Shearing Machines, presses religious, hydraulic presses, machine combined shearing Kingsland 125, welding machines, ultrasound equipment weld, machine plank edges by que blowing coal, high capacity lathe MODEL RUN-760-3000C, machine type metal thickness by ultrasound, airless spray, sand blasting … to serve the construction repair works of maritime engineering. There is also a pull station test equipment industry.

+ 80 waterway vessels types including canoes, tugs, barges works, open bottomed barges, tugboats … with a capacity of up to 7.100HP serve the warrant of navigation, operation channels maritime, salvage, towage of marine dredging maritime works, water works …

+ The survey equipment modernization can survey the river and the sea as meter deep multi-beam Odom-ES3PT-M, camcorder underwater Jw Fisher SeaOtter-2, scanners scan obstacles SIDE SCAN SONAR – 4200MP, signal amplification device Topcon TRL 35, …

+ Hotels for tourists.

Experience works:

From inception to date, VMS-S undertook to regulate to ensure traffic to many key projects nations such as Phu My Bridge, Can Tho Bridge, Rach Mieu bridge and immersed tunnel Thu Thiem, … in addition, VMS-S also constructed hundreds of works on construction and repair of engineering, construction and installation of marine equipment, survey and notice the maritime, dredging and maintenance of navigable channels, salvage, underground techniques … are highly appreciated in the quality.

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