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Salvage and Rescue

Visal, associated companies by VMS-S owns less than 50% of charter capital, founded in 1976, specializes in providing services salvage and technical services underground art; Maritime services; Newly repaired vessels; Coordination with the Center for maritime search and rescue operations, the Port Authority, the Association of Shipowners, the Insurance Company to timely search and rescue, salvage goods, oil spill response.


Since its establishment, Visal made installation of underground cable telephone across the Tien River Hau River for the postal service and in turn the construction of other buildings such as surveys of dams, water pipelines of Da Nhim – Lam Dong; sewer survey at Xuan Huong Lake – Da Lat – Lam Dong; Survey Tri An hydroelectric dam base – Dong Nai; bridge salvaged survey Chroi-Chang Wa-Cambodia; Survey salvage Mang Thit Mekong bridge

Trục vớt tàu Green Viship năm 2008

Salvaging Green Viship in 2008

1986, Visal participated in the survey and installation of equipment, installation of pipelines, surveying inspect the rig base off the coast for the enterprise Vietsovpetro in the Bach Ho field, survey and installation of mooring buoys oil pumping stations no terminal.

Trục vớt tàu Lady Belinda năm 2010

Salvaging Lady Belinda in 2010

Currently, Visal has been a trusted partner of major clients at home and abroad such as Vietsovpetro, PTSC Marine, port Lotus, Smit Singapore, Nippon Salvage – Japan … The company has also developed and implemented Its safety management system, security for the fleet; the safety policy and environmental protection, meet the requirements of the Code International Safety Management – ISM Code and the Code of international ship security ISDS Code.

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