Wednesday, 10/08/2022

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Maritime Construction

Promote the advantages in the field of maritime construction works, ports, VMS-S has assigned Southern MCC perform construction management stations, the station lights as Trường Sa Lớn station lights, Sinh Tồn lighthouses in the area of Trường Sa, construction Dong Nai fairways …. At the same time, VMS-S has also done some renovation works like embankments and port anchorage area Rach Ba; construction closed embankment Mui Den Do … These works have construction conditions are not favorable, usually in a remote, isolated, with complex terrain and the weather is very harsh or on rivers, estuaries, inlet and influenced by waves, tides, currents … but with a solid team of professional engineers, experienced and passionate, work quality and safety are guaranteed.

Hải đăng Trường Sa Lớn - quần đảo Trường Sa được thi công năm 2009

Truong Sa Lon Lighthouse – Spratlys was established in 2009

Hải đăng Sinh Tồn - quần đảo Trường Sa được thi công năm 2010

Sinh Ton Lighthouse – Spratlys was established in 2010

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