Wednesday, 15/07/2020

Notice to Mariners
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Số/ Thời gian ban hành Notice to Mariners
34/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 20-03-2020 Depth of waters in front of wharves and access fairway to the port 70,000 DWT of Nam Van Phong general port project in Ninh Thuy Industrial Zone – Khanh Hoa province View details
33/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 17-03-2020 Depth of anchoring areas waiting for bridges, waiting for combined flows to avoid storms for vessels in Xuan Dai Bay in the seaport waters managed by Administration of Quy Nhon View details
32/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 13-03-2020 The new establishment of buoy “G1”, “G2” serve for constructing the Korean Wind Power Plant – Tra Vinh (phase 1) View details
31/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 09-03-2020 The clearance of obstacles and recover buoy “C” on the Quy Nhon fairway View details
30/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 06-03-2020 The Niccolo Machiavelli ship operating the construction package of Long Son petrochemical refinery construction project View details
29/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 04-03-2020 Depth of Nha Trang fairway View details
28/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 04-03-2020 Parameters of Ba Ngoi fairway View details
27/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN 04-03-2020 Completion of salvage and relocation of sunk SG 8193 barge on Soai rap fairway View details
26/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 02-03-2020 Parameters of Phan Thiet fairway View details
25/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 02-03-2020 Parameters of Vung Ro fairway View details
24/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 25-02-2020 Depth of mooring waters in special fairway into the construction wharves of South Vietnam Petrochemical Complex Project View details
23/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 21-02-2020 The sunken barge VL – 11311 on Soài Rạp fairway View details
22/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 20-02-2020 Parameters of Ha Tien fairway View details
21/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 20-02-2020 Depth of mooring waters in Dua river fairway View details
20/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 20-02-2020 Restoration of operation of Ke Ga main light View details
19/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 17-02-2020 The new establishment of specialized buoys “HP1”, “HP2” serving dredging construction of Hiep Phuoc Power Co., Ltd View details
18/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 14-02-2020 The temporary suspension of operation, reporting the traffic situation on fairways and regulating stations in service of the construction of Phuoc Khanh and Binh Khanh bridges View details
17/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 11-02-2020 DN58 vessel operating construction package for wharf construction of Long Son Refining And Petrochemical JSC View details
16/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 10-02-2020 The new establishment of buoy “BH 01”, “BH 02” on Dinh An general port project View details
15/TBHH-TCBĐATHHMN 07-02-2020 Depth of mooring waters in front of Hyosung Vina Chemicals View details