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Notice to Mariners

Depth of waters in front of Can Tho liquefied petroleum gas port


  • Depth of waters in front of Can Tho liquefied petroleum gas port

No. 186/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated September 21st, 2018

CTH – 06-2018

  • Waters: Can Tho City
  • Fairway: Dinh An – Song Hau

Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation would like to inform that:

Within surveyed waters in front of wharf of Can Tho liquefied petroleum gas port, smallest depth in meters to Chart Datumn is as follows:

Points VN-2000 WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l) Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
A 10007’02,9”N 105041’57,6”E 10006’59,3”N 105042’04,1”E
B 10006’59,6”N 105042’03,2”E 10006’55,9”N 105042’09,7”E
C 10007’00,9”N 105042’04,1”E 10006’57,4”N 105042’10,6”E
D 10007’04,3”N 105041’58.5”E 10007’00,7”N 105042’04,9”E

Smallest depth is 5,6m.

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