Sunday, 06/12/2020

Notice to Mariners

98/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN – Depth of VungTau-ThiVai fairway


 Depth of VungTau-ThiVai fairway


– Sea area:   BaRia-VungTau province

– Fairway’s name: VungTau-ThiVai fairway

– Fairway’s section: From buoy “0” to buoy “8” of VungTau-Thi Vai fairway

On behalf of Ministry of Transport, Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation notifies that:

In the designed navigational faiway from buoy “0” to buoy “8” of VungTau-Thi Vai fairway with width of 350m, limited and guided by AtoNs system, depths in meter to chart datum are  more than 14.0 m.


Every vessels navigating on VungTau-ThiVai fairway should follow AtoNs system.

Other notice

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