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Notice to Mariners

21/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN – The operation of Key Hawai drilling rigs


The operation of Key Hawai drilling rigs

BTN – 01 – 2013

– Sea area: Binh Thuan Province.

On behalf of Ministry of Transport, Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation notifies that:

The Key Hawaii drilling rig will be pulled from oil-well 01-107-PL-1X, block 107 to oil-well KNV-1X, block 01&02/10, with detail as follow:

1. Origin point:

Lat:                19051’25.09              N

Long:             107027’07.98”          E

2. Operation point:

Lat:                 10012’38.90”           N

  Long:              108037’50.85”         E

(The co-ordinate is in WGS-84 provided by PVEP POC)

3.  Characteristics of KeyHawai drilling rig:

+ Type of rig: Jack up rig.

+ Nationality: Vanuatu.

+ Call sign: YJUK4.

+ Dimension: 67,05m x 59,00m x 7,11m.

+ Night signal: Signal lights accordance with maritime regulations.

+ Color: Grey, white.

+ Flag: Vanuatu.

4. Estimated working time:

– Started pulling time: 19th Mar, 2013.

– Operating time: approximately 130 days from the date Oil-well start of work.

Navigating guidance:

All vessel sailing in Binh Thuan Sea should pay attention when sailing close the KeyHawai drilling rig, apply reasonable measure of navigation to ensure traffic safety and keep away 02 NMs from the operation point mentioned above.

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