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Notice to Mariners

Oil exploration on Vietnam offshore

Ref: Oil exploration on Vietnam offshore
No. 15/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated on February 13th, 2015

VTU – 06 – 2015

–         Waters area: Vietnam offshore

VMS-South would to like to inform:

Platform Trident 16 will carry out oil exploration on Vietnam offshore as follows:

1.Location of Platform Trident 16 at Well 01&02/10-KNV-4XP, Lô 01&02/10 with the following co-ordinates:

Latitude (j):         10°12’38.93″N

Longitude (l):      108°37’50.91″E

(WGS-84 is provided by PVEP POC)

2. Characters of Platform Trident 16

–  Type:                      Jack-up
–  Nationality:                      Liberia.
–  Dimension (LxBxH):       67.0m x 58.2m x 7.4m
–  Call sign:                          ELQD3.
–  IMO:                                8752427.
–  Color:                     White and Grey
–  Flat:                                           Liberia.
–  Having lights according to navigation at nights.

3. Estimated operation:

- Estimated commencement: Platform Trident 16 will be moved from Well 01&02/10-KNV-3X to Well 01&02/10-KNV-4XP, plot 01&02/10 on 15/02/2015.
– Estimated duration at Well 01&02/10-KNV-4XP: around 60 days.

Navigation Guidance:

-  All vessels navigating on Vietnam offshore should go away platform mentioned above at least 02 nautical miles for maritime safety.
–  For detailed information, please contact PVEP POC./.

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