Wednesday, 19/01/2022

Notice to Mariners

Exploratory drilling in Well VGP-131-TB-1X, Vietnam offshore


Ref: Exploratory drilling in Well VGP-131-TB-1X, Vietnam offshore

No. 144/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated August 12th, 2015

VTU – 56 – 2015

  • Waters area: Vietnam Offshore

VMS-South would to like to inform:

PetroVietnam will carry out exploratory drilling in Well VGP-131-TB-1X, Vietnam offshore with details as follows:

  1. Location of Well VGP-131-TB-1X:

Latitude (j):              9°07’30.0″ N

Longitude (l):           109°39’25.0″ E

(Co-ordinates are provided by PetroVietnam)

  1. Charaters of vessel Deepsea Metro I:

– Name:                     Deepsea Metro I

– Nationality:             Bermuda

– IMO:                       9503768

– Dimension (LxBxH):        229.6mx36.0mx18.3m

– Mark by night:                 As regulation

  1. Operating duration: from 10/8/2015 until finishing.

Navigation Guidance:

  • All vessels navigating on Vietnam Offshore should keep clear Well and vessel mentioned above at least 500m, increase watch for maritime safety.
  • For detailed information, please contact PetroVietnam./.

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