Monday, 03/10/2022

Notice to Mariners

New establishment AtoN system belongs to Binh Dai Wind Power Plant Project


New establishment AtoN system belongs to Binh Dai Wind Power Plant Project

No. 144/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated June 29, 2022

BTE – TG – 05 – 2022

  • Waters: Ben Tre province

VMS-South would like to inform that: New establishment AtoN system belongs to Binh Dai Wind Power Plant Project:

- Location: Ben Tre waters

- Coordinates:

Marking  VN-2000  WGS-84
Latitude Longitude Latitude Longitude
“WT1001” 10005’44,63”N 106048’43,95”E 10005’40,96”N 106048’50,39”E
“WT2005” 10007’32,37”N 106049’25,92”E 10007’28,69”N 106049’32,36”E
“WT2006” 10005’11,96”N 106050’19,02”E 10005’08,29”N 106050’25,46”E
“WT2012” 10006’08,71”N 106050’55,28”E 10006’05,04”N 106051’01,72”E
“WT3001” 10008’38,93”N 106051’46,25”E 10008’35,26”N 106051’52,69”E
“WT3012” 10009’57,22”N 106050’26,86”E 10009’53,55”N 106050’33,31”E

Function: Marking the area of ​​Binh Dai wind power plant.

Marking the wind power sector at sea (signaling on the turbine)

  1. Day time
  • Shape: Cylinder;
  • Color: yellow;
  • Top-mark: letter “X” yellow;
  • The height: 15 m as for the highest astronomical tide;
  • Code: “WT1001”, “WT2005”, “WT2006”, “WT2012”, “WT3001”, “WT3012”.
  1. Night time
  • Light characteristics: Yellow light, Synchronous lightning according to the code signal Morse “U”, every 15s;
  • Lighting scope: 3600
  • Focal plane height: 10,6 m from top-mark to water surface.
  • Luminous range “WT1001”, “WT2005”, “WT2006”, “WT2012”, “WT3012”: 3,0NM with the height of Atmospheric transmissibility T = 0,74.
  • Luminous range “WT3001”: 9,0 NM with the height of Atmospheric transmissibility T = 0,74.


 All means navigating on Ben Tre waters, pay attention to special buoys mentioned above, navigating following AtoN system, keep watching, keep smoothly communication, and absolutely comply with the appointment of Maritime Administration of Dong Thap./.


Other notice

(Vietnamese) Khu vực chuyên dùng: Bắn đạn thật trên biển, khu vực Hòn Đá Tý, ngoài khơi Tỉnh Bình Thuận

Establishing AtoN systems to serve the project: Upgrading 220 KV electric wire of Cai Lay – Tra Noc, section: Hau River

Carry out piling and construction of Cai Mep Gemadept – Terminal Link port on on Vung Tau – Thi Vai fairway

Depth of waters in fornt of Chinfon Cement Plant – Hiep Phuoc

(Vietnamese) Thiết lập mới hệ thống phao báo hiệu hàng hải chuyên dùng “T1”, “T2”, “T3”, “T4” phục vụ thi công Kéo dây vượt sông Hậu – Đường dây 110kV Trần Đề – Cù Lao Dung, tỉnh Sóc Trăng