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Notice to Mariners

Depth of waters in Nam Can – Bo Đe


Depth of waters in Nam Can – Bo Đe

No. 192/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated July 26 ,2021

CMU – 03 – 2021

Waters: Ca Mau province.

Fairway: Nam Can – Bo Đe.

VMS-South would like to inform that:

  1. The range of the bottom of fairway from buoy “0” to the mouth of the Bo De river is about 13.1 km long, 60 m wide (from the center line to each side 30 m):
  • Section from buoy “0” to buoy “4” + 500m with length is 3,5 km, the depth is 4,0 m.
  • Section from buoy  “4” + 500 m to buoy “8” – 740 m, with length is 1,7 km, the depth is 3,0 m.
  • Section from buoy “8” – 740 m to buoy “12” + 1300 m, with length is 5,1 km, the depth is 1,9 m.
  • Section from buoy “12” + 1300 m to the mouth of the Bo De river, with length is 2,8 km, the depth is 4,0 m.
  1. Within the bottom of fairway from the mouth of the Bo De River to the Nam Can port, the length is about 30.4 km and the width is 60m:
Points VN2000 WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l) Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
T2 08o45’45,7” N 105o12’44,4” E 08o45’42,1” N 105o12’50,8” E
1 08o46’05,7” N 105o12’23,1” E 08o46’02,0” N 105o12’29,5” E
2 08o46’13,5” N 105o12’06,9” E 08o46’09,9” N 105o12’13,3” E
3 08o46’09,1” N 105o11’53,9” E 08o46’05,5” N 105o12’00,3” E
4 08o45’59,4” N 105o11’37,7” E 08o45’55,7” N 105o11’44,1” E
5 08o46’05,9” N 105o11’24,1” E 08o46’02,2” N 105o11’30,5” E
6 08o46’38,2” N 105o11’07,4” E 08o46’34,5” N 105o11’13,8” E
7 08o47’02,4” N 105o11’09,1” E 08o46’58,7” N 105o11’15,5” E
8 08o47’24,6” N 105o11’14,9” E 08o47’20,9” N 105o11’21,3” E
9 08o47’40,7” N 105o11’14,7” E 08o47’37,1” N 105o11’21,1” E
10 08o47’51,6” N 105o11’03,4” E 08o47’47,9” N 105o11’09,8” E
11 08o47’48,1” N 105o10’49,8” E 08o47’44,5” N 105o10’56,2” E
12 08o47’03,1” N 105o10’12,7” E 08o46’59,5” N 105o10’19,1” E
13 08o46’51,1” N 105o09’25,9” E 08o46’47,5” N 105o09’32,3” E
14 08o46’02,2” N 105o08’45,1” E 08o45’58,5” N 105o08’51,5” E
15 08o45’44,8” N 105o08’41,4” E 08o45’41,2” N 105o08’47,8” E
16 08o45’37,9” N 105o08’34,4” E 08o45’34,4” N 105o08’40,8” E
17 08o45’36,1” N 105o08’26,9” E 08o45’32,5” N 105o08’33,3” E
18 08o45’35,7” N 105o07’29,6” E 08o45’32,1” N 105o07’36,0” E
19 08o45’46,6” N 105o06’58,5” E 08o45’42,9” N 105o07’04,9” E
20 08o46’06,9” N 105o06’41,7” E 08o46’03,3” N 105o06’48,1” E
21 08o46’27,9” N 105o05’35,4” E 08o46’24,4” N 105o05’41,8” E
22 08°46’57,1”N 105°04’40,7”E 08°46’53,5” N 105°04’46,8” E
23 08o47’11,2” N 105o04’23,1” E 08o47’07,6” N 105o04’29,5” E
24 08o47’14,9” N 105o04’15,4” E 08o47’11,3” N 105o04’21,8” E
25 08o47’09,3” N 105o04’02,5” E 08o47’05,6” N 105o04’08,9” E
26 08°46’48,2”N 105°03’41.9”E 08°46’44,5” N 105°03’48,3” E
27 08o46’30,2” N 105o03’06,9” E 08o46’26,6” N 105o03’13,4” E
28 08o46’21,8” N 105o02’33,9” E 08o46’18,2” N 105o02’40,3” E
29 08o46’18,3” N 105o02’10,8” E 08o46’14,6” N 105o02’17,2” E
29A 08°46’13,5”N 105°01’56,0”E 08°46’09,9” N 105°02’02,5” E
30 08°45’54,5”N 105°01’24,1”E 08°45’50,8” N 105°01’30,5” E
31 08o45’47,5” N 105o00’57,4” E 08o45’43,9” N 105o01’03,8” E
32 08o45’47,8” N 105o00’25,6” E 08o45’44,2” N 105o00’32,0” E
33 08o45’37,9” N 105o00’03,3” E 08o45’34,3” N 105o00’09,7” E

The depth is determined by a 200kHz-frequency reverb to from Datum Chart is 10,9 m.

  1. Section from Nam Can port to the upstream of Nam Can port + 3.5 km, about 3.5 km long, the wisdth is 60 m:
Points VN2000 WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l) Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
33 08o45’37,9” N 105o00’03,3” E 08o45’34,3” N 105o00’09,7” E
34 08o45’08,9” N 104o58’57,9” E 08o45’05,3” N 104o59’04,3” E
35 08o45’01,9” N 104o58’47,8” E 08o44’58,3” N 104o58’54,2” E
36 08o44’45,7” N 104o58’14,4” E 08o44’42,0” N 104o58’20,8” E

The depth is determined by a 200kHz-frequency reverb to from Datum Chart is 9,5 m.

  1. Fish farm: From Bo De estuary to Nam Can port, there are scattered fish bottoms on the river.


All vessels navigating in Nam Can – Bo De fairway based on the Notice to Mariners, paper charts, depth and AtoN system and should have methods of safety navigation.  Absolutely comply with the regulation of Kien Giang Maritime Administration for maritime safety.



Signed and Sealed


Pham Tuan Anh

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