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Notice to Mariners

103/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN – Operation 3D seismic survey at the block 05-3/11 off the coast of Vietnam


Operation 3D seismic survey at the block 05-3/11 off the coast of Vietnam

VTU – 25 – 2013

- Sea area: Off the coast of Vietnam.

On behalf of Ministry of Transport, Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation notifies that:

The seismic survey vessel VIKING II will conduct 3D seismic survey at the block 11-2/11, off the coast of Vietnam with detail as follow:

  1. The 3D seismic survey area is limited by points as follow:


co-ordinate WGS-84

Long (λ)



108°22’57.0” E

08°16’39.0” N


109°03’31.0” E

08°16’39.0” N


109°03’31.0” E

07°48’40.0” N


108°22’57.0” E

   07°48’40.0” N

2. Characteristics of 3D seismic survey vessels as follow:

+ Vessel’s name:        VIKING II;

+ Nationality:              Norway;

+ Dimension:               93,35m x 22,0m x 6,5m ;

+ Color:                        Green, white ;

+ Protection vessel:    08 protection vessels of vietnamese nationality ;

3.  Estimated working time: from Aug 30th, 2013 to Oct 25th, 2013.

Navigating guidance:

Every vessel sailing in off the Coast of Vietnam should pay attention:

+ Absolutely not block an advance the seismic survey vessel;

+ To remove the trap/fish rub and fishing equipment in the survey area 05 knots;

+ Keep the communication smooth and implemented under the guidance of vessels protection;

+ To Sailing close to the survey area mentioned above to ensure maritime safety.

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