Friday, 22/10/2021

Notice to Mariners

About the construction site at Lot 05-1b off the coast of Vietnam


About the construction site at Lot 05-1b off the coast of Vietnam

 No.213 /TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated September 1, 2021


VTU – 49 – 2021

Waters: Ba Ria – Vung Tau province

VMS-South would like to inform that The new establishment of construction site at Lot 05-1b offshore Vietnam:

Point VN-2000 WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l) Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
From 10023’30” N 107004’55”E 10023’27”N 107005’02”E
To 08022’18”N 108047’19”E 08022’15”N 108047’26”E

(Coodinates was provided by Idemitsu Gas Production (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd. in HCM city)

Construction time Expected from August 27, 2021 to the end of September 30, 2021

Characteristics of construction vehicles

- Dai Nguyet wellhead rig (DN WHP)

+ Drilling rig Wellhead rig steel structure; Base size 40m x 40m x 130m; Color Yellow, gray base and yellow superstructure.

+ Means to install Holmen Pacific Barge (Dimensions 160m x 40m x 12m); Miss Hannah Barge (Dimensions 122m x 36.6m x 7,625m); Barge WinPan CB1 (Dimensions 100.61m x 36.59m x 6.1m); Vessel EN3000 (Dimensions 169m x 4 6m x 13.5m). Support Vessels Tugboats, Anchor Ships, Naval Ships, Logistics Service Vessels.

  • Power supply pipelines and cables
  • + Dimensions Ø 12.75in x 10.32m.

+ Installation means Kreuz Installer vessel; Dimensions 129.10m x 24.6m x 4.5m; The body color is red, the crane is white.

- At night, the vehicles have signal lights according to regulations.


All vessels navigating on off the coast of Vietnam’s continental shelf, it is necessary to keep at least 2 nautical miles away from the location of the area with the above coordinates and identification characteristics. for maritime safety.

More information contact to Idemitsu Gas Production (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd in HCM city



Signed and Sealed


Dinh Thai Cong

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