Sunday, 21/07/2024

Notice to Mariners

The dredging construction of Turning basin in Phuoc An Port area


The dredging construction of Turning basin in Phuoc An Port area

134/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated June 06, 2024

ĐNA – 07 – 2024

Waters: Dong Nai Province

Fairway: Vung Tau – Thi Vai

VMS-South would like to inform that the dredging construction of Turning basin in Phuoc An Port area as follows:

  1. Dredging range is limited by points with coordinates as follows:
Points VN2000 WGS84
Latitude (φ) Longitude (λ) Latitude (φ) Longitude (λ)
H1 10˚37’11,82″N 106˚59’56,92″E 10˚37’08,15″N 107˚00’03,35″E
H2 10˚37’13,08″N 106˚59’59,67″E 10˚37’09,40″N 107˚00’06,10″E
H3 10˚37’13,07″N 107˚00’03,62″E 10˚37’09,39″N 107˚00’10,05″E
H4 10˚37’10,81″N 107˚00’06,85″E 10˚37’07,14″N 107˚00’13,27″E
H5 10˚37’07,14″N 107˚00’08,18″E 10˚37’03,46″N 107˚00’14,60″E
H6 10˚37’03,79″N 107˚00’07,57″E 10˚37’00,12″N 107˚00’13,99″E
H7 10˚37’10,38″N 106˚59’58,13″E 10˚37’06,71″N 107˚00’04,56″E
E1 10˚37’13,91″N 106˚59’59,45″E 10˚37’10,24″N 107˚00’05,88″E
E2 10˚37’14,67″N 107˚00’04,04″E 10˚37’11,00″N 107˚00’10,46″E
E3 10˚37’11,78″N 107˚00’08,38″E 10˚37’08,11″N 107˚00’14,80″E
E4 10˚37’07,29″N 107˚00’09,18″E 10˚37’03,62″N 107˚00’15,60″E
  1. Estimated time for construction: 90 days from the starting day (From 10 June 2024).

4. The characteristics of the construction means:: Dredger, Excavator (Crane vessel (crane barge)), barge, Tug boat.


All vessels navigating on Vung Tau-Thi Vai fairway crossing through the dredging construction area with coordinates mentioned above, pay attention to keep watching, and absolutely comply with the appointment of Maritime Administration of Dong Nai and VTS center for maritime safety./.


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