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Notice to Mariners

Depth in front of SITV wharf


Depth in front of SITV wharf

No.201/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated October 23, 2015

VTU- 87 – 2015.

Waters: Ba Ria-Vung Tàu

Fairway: Vung Tau – Thi Vai.

Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation would like to inform:

Within the surveyed waters in front of SITV wharf limited by coordinates NA1, NA2, NA5, NA6, the depth to Chart Datum as follows:

Point VN-2000 WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l) Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
NA1 10036’13,4”N 107001’06,9”E 10036’09,7”N 107001’13,4”E
NA2 10036’11,5”N 107001’11,8”E 10036’07,9”N 107001’18,2”E
NA5 10035’43,6”N 107001’20,5”E 10035’40,0”N 107001’27,0”E
NA6 10035’48,5”N 107001’22,4”E 10035’44,8”N 107001’28,8”E
  • Existing the shallow points with depths are 8.8m, 9.0m, at the following coordinates:
Shallow point (m) N-2000 WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l) Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
8,8 10035’48,5”N 107001’22,2”E 10035’44,8”N 107001’28,6”E
9,0 10035’48,4”N 107001’22,3”E 10035’44,7”N 107001’28,7”E

– In addition to above shallow points, the depth is 9.5m and over ./.


Other notice

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