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Notice to Mariners

The parameters depth of Rach Gia fairway


The parameters depth of Rach Gia fairway

145/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated June 14, 2024


KGG – 05 – 2024

Waters: Kien Giang Province.

Fairway: Rach Gia.


VMS-South would like to inform that the parameters depth of Rach Gia fairway with the following details:

Within range of the fairway bottom is 45 m wide, the fairway route is 2,5 km long, limited and guided by AtoN system, depth determined by echo sounding 200 kHz frequency to chart datum as follows:

- Appears depth points are 1,5 m; 1,6 m; 1,7 m; 1,8 m scaterred on the port hand side of the fairway’s edge, the furthest point encroaches 7,0 m on fairway, in the position with coordinates as follows:



VN2000 WGS-84
Latitude (φ) Longitude (λ) Latitude (φ) Longitude (λ)
1,5 10000’26,3”N 105004’14,4”E 10000’22,6”N 105004’20,8”E
1,5 10000’19,2”N 105004’05,3”E 10000’15,6”N 105004’11,8”E
1,8 10000’14,1”N 105003’59,0”E 10000’10,5”N 105004’05,4”E
1,7 10000’11,2”N 105003’55,1”E 10000’07,5”N 105004’01,5”E
1,7 10000’09,2”N 105003’52,5”E 10000’05,6”N 105003’58,9”E
1,7 10000’08,2”N 105003’51,2”E 10000’04,6”N 105003’57,6”E
1,6 10000’06,2”N 105003’48,5”E 10000’02,6”N 105003’55,0”E
1,6 10000’04,2”N 105003’45,9”E 10000’00,6”N 105003’52,4”E

Escept depth points mentioned above, depth of fairway route is 1,9 m.



All vessels navigating on Rach Gia fairway, based on the Notice to Mariners, the sounding charts and AtoN system and absolutely comply with the appointment of Maritime Administration of Kien Giang for maritime safety. /.

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