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Notice to Mariners

Depth of An Thoi fairway


Depth of An Thoi fairway

No. 115/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated June 6 ,2019

KGG – 03 – 2019

Waters:       Kiên Giang province.

Fairway:      An Thới.

VMS-South would like to inform that:

  1. Within surveyed An Thoi fairway, the section from buoy “1” and “2” to waterfront in front of An Thoi wharf has a length of about 690m, width of 50m, is limited and guided. By AtoN system, Depth in meters to Chart Datum is 6.1m
  2. Within design of turning basin in the water area in front of An Thoi wharf with a diameter of 180m, the center at the position has the following coordinates:
VN-2000 WGS – 84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l) Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
10°00’48,0” N 104°00’50,7” E 10°00’44,4” N 104°00’57,2” E

- Depth in meters to Chart Datum is 6,5m.

  1. There are fish rafts on the right side of the channel, in the area of ​​ buoy “9”, encroaching the farthest point 2.6m.


All vessels navigating on An Thoi fairway  should notice mooring buoy with characteristics mentioned above, keep watching, and comply strictly with the regulation of Kien Giang Maritime Administration for maritime safety.



Signed and Sealed


Pham Tuan Anh

Other notice

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(Vietnamese) Về thông số độ sâu khu neo đậu chuyển tải tại vịnh Vân Phong tỉnh Khánh Hòa.

Parameter depth of waters in front of Dong Hai fishing port, Dong Hai ward, Phan Rang City – Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan Province