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Notice to Mariners

Depth of waters in Song Tien fairway


Depth of waters in Song Tien fairway

No.150/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated August 14, 2017

TGG – 01-2017

Waters: Tien Giang province.

Fairway: Song Tien.

Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation would like to inform:

Within the scope of the survey fairway Song Tien is 74km in length, limited and guided by AtoN system, depth in meters to Chart Datum as follows:

  1. The fairway from buoy No. “0” to drain Vam Kinh (pair Buoy “25”, “26”) has 25km in length, 80m in width, the smallest depth is 1.7m.
  2. The fairway from drain Vam Kinh to upstream My Tho harbor + 500m has 49 km in length, 150m in width, the smallest depth is 2.8m.


Mariners on Song Tien fairway follow AtoN system for maritime safety.

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