Friday, 12/08/2022

Notice to Mariners

Depth of waters in front of Đong Xuyen port


Depth of waters in front of Đong Xuyen port

No. 188/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated July 16 ,2021

VTU – 43 – 2021

Waters:  Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

Fairway: Dinh river

VMS-South would like to inform that:

  1. Within surveyed waters in front of Đong Xuyen port:
Point  VN-2000  WGS-84
Latitude (φ) Longitude (λ) Latitude (φ) Longitude (λ)
A 10°24’23,3” N 107°06’16,0” E 10°24’19,6” N 107°06’22,4” E
B 10°24’24,2” N 107°06’14,6” E 10°24’20,6” N 107°06’21,1” E
C 10°24’26,0” N 107°06’15,9” E 10°24’22,3” N 107°06’22,4” E
D 10°24’25,0” N 107°06’17,3” E 10°24’21,3” N 107°06’23,7” E

- The depth is determined by a 200kHz-frequency reverb to from Datum Chart is 6,5 m.

  1. Within survey scanning the obstruction limited by the points with the above coordinates, no obstacles were detected.

Data based on chart symbols ĐXP_7/21.01, ratio 1/500; Obstruction scan chart symbol RQ-ĐXP_7/21.01, ratio 1/500 was measured by Phu An Survey Co., Ltd, completed in July, 2021.

More information contact to Dong Xuyen Port JSC.



Signed and Sealed


Pham Tuan Anh

Other notice

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