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Notice to Mariners

Seabed survey activities at Blocks 148&149


Ref: Seabed survey activities at Blocks 148&149

No. 136/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated July 27th, 2015

VTU  –  50 – 2015.

  • Waters area: Vietnam offshore

VMS-South would to like to inform:

PTSC G&S will carry out seabed survey activities at Blocks 148&149, Vietnam offshore with details as follows:

  1. Co-ordinates:
Point VN2000 WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l) Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
A 13000’04,0”N 110029’54,0”E 13000’00,0”N 110030’00,0”E
B 13000’04,0”N 112029’54,0”E 13000’00,0”N 112030’00,0”E
C 12030’04,0”N 112029’54,0”E 12030’00,0”N 112030’00,0”E
D 12000’04,0”N 112029’54,0”E 12000’00,0”N 112030’00,0”E
E 12000’04,0”N 110029’54,0”E 12000’00,0”N 110030’00,0”E
F 12030’04,0”N 110029’54,0”E 12030’00,0”N 110030’00,0”E

(Co-ordinates are provided by PTSC G&S)

  1. Charaters of survey vessel:

Vessel: Fugro Supporter

Colour: Red body, white cabin

IMO: 8518364

Flat: Indonesia

Call sign: JZKY

  1. Estimated duration: from 09/8/2015 to 30/8/2015.

Navigation Guidance:

  • All vessels navigating on Vietnam Offshore through the location and vessel mentioned above should increase watch, keep clear for maritime safety.

For detailed information, please contact PTSC G&S.

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