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Notice to Mariners

Sweeping obstacles on fairway Quy Nhon after Typhoon No. 12


Sweeping obstacles on fairway Quy Nhon after Typhoon No. 12

  • 215/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated November 20th, 2017

BĐH – 14-2017

Waters: Binh Dinh Province.

Fairway: Quy Nhon.

Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation would like to inform:

  1. In the sweep range fairway Quy Nhon 6.3 km in length, 110m in width, as follows:

- Existence of wrecks (ship North Sea 16) located on the right of faiway, farthest encroachment of fairway is about 18m, at the position with coordinates as follows:

Location VN-2000 WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l) Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
Ship North Sea 16 13o45’05,5” N 109o14’47,5” E 13o45’0,8” N 109o14’54,0” E

- Besides wrecks (ship North Sea 16) above did not detect dangerous obstacles.

  1. Within the sweep on expanding the border on the left of fairway for 50m from the bouy No. “4” to bouy No. “6” limited by the points with coordinates as follows:
Points VN-2000 WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l) Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
BT3 13o45’31.4″N 109o14’38.9″E 13o45’27.7″N 109o14’45.4″E
BT2 13o45’16.5″N 109o14’42.4″E 13o45’12.8″N 109o14’48.9″E
A 13o44’41.0″N 109o14’49.0″E 13o44’37.3″N 109o14’55.5″E
B 13o44’40.7″N 109o14’47.3″E 13o44’37.0″N 109o14’53.8″E
C 13o45’28.7″N 109o14’37.8″E 13o45’25.0″N 109o14’44.3″E

No detection of dangerous obstacles.


Vessels navigating on the fairway Quy Nhon take notice of obstacles mentioned above, increase realm, absolutely comply with the rules of Quy Nhon Administration for maritime safety.

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