Saturday, 16/10/2021

Notice to Mariners

The sunken SG- 5411 barge at Phuoc Khanh on Sai Gon – Vung Tau fairway


The sunken SG- 5411 barge at Phuoc Khanh on Sai Gon – Vung Tau fairway

No. 202/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated October 08, 2018

HCM – 40 – 2018

Waters: Hồ Chí Minh city

Fairway: Sài Gòn – Vũng Tàu

        VMS-South would like to inform that:

At 22:30pm, date 04/10/2018, the SG 5411 barge while navigating on Sai Gon – Vung Tau which was collided NACCITACA vessel, resulting in barge was sunken without coordinates, buoy “P1” downstream about 220m, approximately 90m and out of Sai Gon – Vung Tau fairway approach National defence :

Barge WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
SG 5411 10039’46,70” N 106048’02,50 E

(Coordinates is provided East-Southern Maritime Safety Company)


  • All means navigating on Sai Gon – Vung tau fairway keep away from with coordinates above, pay attention to reducing speed, enhance lookouts, and absolutely comply with the Administration of Ho Chi Minh for maritime safety.

2- For further information, please contact to Administration of Ho Chi Minh.

The newest information will be issued in next Notice to Mariners.

Other notice

Information about working, at Hậu river: Depth of shallow section was dredged.

Depth of of waters in front of wharf V3&V4 belong to VICT

About the construction site: towing PV Drilling VI from anchorage H19-Vung Tau to Block 15-2/01 to drill HSD-7P well

Parameters of Ha Tien fairway

(Vietnamese) Thiết lập mới các phao báo hiệu hàng hải “X2”, “X5” báo hiệu vị trí tàu Sơn Long 08, Jupiter bị chìm trên vùng biển Quy Nhơn