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Notice to Mariners

SG 7098 Barge sunk on Sai Gon – Vung Tau fairway


SG 7098 Barge sunk on Sai Gon – Vung Tau fairway

No.14/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated January 20, 2016 

HCM – 06 – 2016

Waters: Ho Chi Minh city

Fairway: Sai Gon-Vung Tau

        Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation would like to inform:

        SG 7098 sunk outside fairway at a distance of 150m from upstream of Beacon “54”, 50m from fairway’s edge, with the following coordinates:

Barge WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
SG 7098 10039’24,3” N 106048’17,8” E


  1. All means navigating in and out Sai Gon-Vung Tau fairway far away from position of SG 7098 Barge sunk mentioned above, pay attention to strengthening guard, absolute compliance with command of maritime Guard Force at the scene for maritime safety.
  2. For further information, please contact to Vietnam Maritime Administration of Ho Chi Minh City.

 The latest information will be issued in next Notice to Mariners.

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