Tuesday, 07/04/2020

Notice to Mariners

Regarding the dredging and maintenance of Saigon – Vung Tau fairway 2019


Regarding the dredging and maintenance of Saigon – Vung Tau fairway 2019

No. 06/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated January 20, 2020

HCM – 02 – 2020

- Waters:    Hồ Chí Minh city.

- Fairway:  Sài Gòn – Vũng Tàu.

- Shallow: Shallows Vịnh Gành Rái, Kerverlla, Mũi L’est, Propontis, buoy “58”, P71-ĐT83, turning basin VQ2.

VMS-South would like to inform that:

Joint venture Sao Mai Co.,Ltd - Song Thương  Salvage Co.,Ltd will conduct dredging and maintenance of Saigon – Vung Tau navigable channel in 2019:

  1. Vehicles participating in construction: Includes dredger (a grab bucket), barge opening barge, tugboat and blow-suction suction boat.
  2. Dredging position: Phước An Commune, Nhơn Trạch district, Đồng Nai province.
  3. Dredging area:
    • Area 1: Shallow Vịnh Gành Rái (from upstream of buoy “8” + 1860m Vũng Tàu – Thị Vải fairwway to downstream of buoy “2” Sài Gòn – Vũng Tàu fairway – 400m).
    • Area 2: Shallow Kervella (opposite “28”) from upstream of buoy “31B” + 230m to downstream of buoy “30” – 560m).
    • Area 3: shallow of buoy “58”.
    • Area 4: shallow of buoy “71” – ĐT83 (from buoy “73” to beacon “83”).
    • Area 5: shallow Mũi L’est (from beacon “35” to beacon “42”).
    • Area 6: shallow Propontis (from upstream of beacon “41” – 370m to buoy “37A”).
    • Area 7: shallow of turning basin VQ2 (opposite Tẻ channel).
  1. Construction time is estimated 60 days from 18/01/2020


All vessels navigating on Sài Gòn – Vũng Tàu fairway should notice mooring buoy with characteristics mentioned above, keep watching, and communicating by VHF with the constructing and regulating units for maritime safety.



Signed and Sealed


Tran Duc Thi

Other notice

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