Monday, 30/03/2020

Notice to Mariners

The new establishment of AtoN system under national grid project for Tien Hai island, Kien Giang Province


 The new establishment of  AtoN system under national grid project for Tien Hai island, Kien Giang Province

  • 118/TBHH-TCTBĐATHHMN dated June 26th, 2018

KGG – TG – 09-2018.

Waters: Kien Giang Province.

Marks: “TH1″, “TH2″, “TH3″, “TH4″.

Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation would like to inform The new establishment of specialized buoys “TH1”, “TH2”, “TH3”, “TH4” under national grid project for Tien Hai commune, Kien Giang Province with the following characteristics:

  • Locality: Ha Tien – Tien Hai.

       – Coordinates:

Buoys VN-2000 WGS-84
Latitude (j) Longitude (l) Latitude (j) Longitude (l)
“TH1” 10°19’45.44″N 104°20’31,61″E 10°19’41.70″N 104°20’38,00″E
“TH2” 10°20’02,28″N 104°22’35,27″E 10°19’58,60″N 104°22’41,67″E
“TH3” 10°21’24,48″N 104°24’29,18″E 10°21’20,80″N 104°24’35,60″E
“TH4” 10°21’22,90″N 104°25’49,28″E 10°21’19,20″N 104°25’55,65″E

Function: Marking the construction area of national grid project for Tien Hai island commune, Kien Giang province.


  1. Daytime:
  • Shape:
  • Color:
  • Top-mark: A yellow “X”.

- Mark:          “TH1″, “TH2″, “TH3″, “TH4″ red on horizontal yellow band;

  1. Night time:
  • Light characteristics: Yellow light, composite group (3+1), every 12,0s;
  • Luminous range: 2,5 NM.


All vessels navigating in Kien Giang waters should notice buoys with characteristics mentioned above, keep away, keep watching, and comply strictly with the regulation of authorities on site.

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