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Notice to Mariners

Depth of Dinh An-Can Tho fairway – Section from safe water mark to buoy”16”


Depth of Dinh An-Can Tho fairway – Section from safe water mark to buoy”16”

TVH – 07 – 2015

Territorial waters:     Tra Vinh province

Fairway:           Dinh An-Can Tho

Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation would like to inform:

In the sphere of designed navigational fairway, 100m in width, limited and guided by AtoN buoy system from the safe water mark to buoy”16”, 17km in length, the depth in meter to chart datum detail as follows:

  1. The section from the safe water mark to buoy”13”, 13,3km in length

– Shallow point appears at the following coordinates:



Coordinates as per VN-2000 Coordinates as per WGS-84
Longitude (j) Latitude (l) Latitude (l) Latitude (l)
3,0 09°27’33,8” N 106°24’56,6” E 09°27’30,1” N 106°25’03,0” E

– Except the shallow point mentioned above depth of this section is 3.1m or over

  1. The section from buoy “13” to buoy “16”, length of 3,7km, depth is 4,0 or over.


All means navigating on Dinh An – Can Tho fairway have to follow the AtoN system for maritime safety.


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