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Pharos Marine Automatic Power visit and work with VMS-South

On November 12, 2018, Representatives of Pharos Marine Automatic Power – Mr Thomas Lamb – Chief Executive Officer and Mr Mun Keong Hor – Managing Director of Far East Pharos Marine Automatic Power have visited and worked with Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation (VMS-South). VMS-South has Mr Bùi Thế Hùng – Director – General, Mr Pham Tuan Anh – Deputy General Director and leaders of departments: Maritime Safety Dept, Technical Dept, Economics & Planning Dept, International Cooperation & Pilot Management Dept, Southern AtoN equipment company welcomed the delegation.

Quang cảnh Buổi làm việc

Pharos Marine Automatic Power is a partner of VMS-South for years, the company now offers the equipment lights, buoys in areas such as ports and harbors, oil and gas, wind farms. The company also offers other products and services such as consulting services, training, product design … In addition, the company also combines with the company Vega to produce the product 3 color lights, double lantern longin (features enhance the range effect, stable vibration shake of sea waves, wind); and in combination with Gisman company to produce the type of polymer plastic signaling buoy with compact size, can easily move, help more convenient in work, at an affordable price.

Ô. Bùi Thế Hùng, Tổng giám đốc VMS-South tặng quà Ô. Thomas Lamb, Giám đốc điều hành Công ty Pharos Marine Automatic Power nhân chuyến thăm và làm việc tại Tổng công ty

The main purpose of this trip, in addition to continuing cooperation on maritime safety, Pharos Marine Automatic Power introduced and had the spiritual gift – signal lantern sample with integrated GPS technology, OLED Display, 256 selectable codes, 6 selectable power levels, Auto sync with more than one lanterns set in the same flash character, Optional – GSM monitoring with quality and battery life improvements more than older products. At the meeting, two sides discussed on the issues: AtoN monitoring, synchronization in types of lanterns in one AtoN sysstem, AtoN integrated GPS, automatic lighthouses and building E-navigation environment.

Chụp hình lưu niệm tại Buổi làm việc

The end of the meeting, VMS-South thanked to Representatives of Pharos Marine Automatic Power for sustainable cooperation between the two sides. And also gifted a souvenir dedicated to Representatives of Pharos Marine Automatic Power for friendship.

News: Thu Hà; Photos: Ngoc Nam

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Pharos Marine Automatic Power visit and work with VMS-South

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