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News of VMS South

Pentair visited and worked with VMS-South

On 02 July 2015, Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation (VMS-South) welcomed and worked with Pentair Environmental Systems.

Quang cảnh Cuộc họp

At the meeting, two parties introduced about history of formation-development, organization structures, capacity scale of each party, and would like to strengthen cooperation together in the future. Two parties also discussed the current situation of maritime operation in Vietnam in general and in VMS-S in particular, including maintenance, and using Aids to navigation devices.

In accordance with Mr.Rick Teece – Coastal Monitoring Specialist Environmental Systems of, Pentair is an international group specially produces maritime buoys, AtoN devices, monitoring, forecast weather devices …the company’s products are friendly to the maritime environment, help waters in the area attached AtoN devices is not polluted . In addition, Pentair can produce devices, integrated on AtoN equipment, which can detect flood, lightning, thence to help to prevent problems timely.

At present, Pentair Environmental Systems Company has successfully implemented many projects related to marine, environment worldwide such as Malaysian Smart Tunnel, Environmental data canal and hydrometric network, Kenya hydrometric network, Singapore Project Neptune, and more than 3000 projects in Australia.

 With regard to VMS-South, Mr.Pham Quoc Suy-General Director also shared management methods, using AtoN equipment of VMS-South, and exchanged some related problems, solutions in order to improve AtoN systems and enhance quality of AtoN devices.

TGĐ Phạm Quốc Súy tặng quà và chụp hình lưu niệm cùng ông Rick Teece

Conclusion, Mr.Pham Quoc Suy would like to give many thanks to Mr. Rick Teece in particular and Pentair in general for visiting and working with VMS-South. He hoped that VMS-South and Pentair would have many further opportunities for cooperation in maritime field and AtoN equipment in the future.

News: International Cooperation and Pilot Management Dept.

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