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News of VMS South

Vega Company, Gisman and the Chamber of Commerce – Consulate General of New Zealand to work with VMS-South

Dated 10.19.2017, Vega has Mr. Dinesh Chandra – Business Development Director Asia, Mr. Xavier Aubert – Managing Director of Gisman in France and Ms. Nguyen Hong Nhung – Head of Commercial Development Dept – Consulate General of New Zealand visited and worked with corporations Guaranteed southern maritime safety. About VMS-South has to Pham Tuan Anh – Deputy General Director, and leaders of rooms such as department Maritime Safety Dept, International Cooperation & Pilot Management Dept, Technical Dept, Economics and Planning Dept, Southern AEC and East-Southern MSC welcomed the delegation.

Quang cảnh cuộc họp

Vega and Gisman are 2 units specializing in providing supply equipment products and buoy signaling in the maritime sector, in addition the company also offers products and services such as consulting Services, facilities product design, training …

The main purpose of the trip this time, Vega and Gisman want to update the situation on the demand shift from buoy steel to float plastic and sharing process of building the float composite (process technology, machinery and equipment …), explore cooperation opportunities production / distribution of signal light in the Southern market and situation updates on demand restoration of the lighthouse stock, including parts replacement LED device of VMS-South.

At the meeting, the two sides have exchanged views on the new technology of the equipment and production buoy (materials, effects and reliability…), and its products and services. Through this meeting, the parties also expressed his company is willing to cooperate in the sharing and exchange of technologies for the production of products and equipment in the field of maritime safety.

 News: Ngoc Minh; Photo: Ngoc Nam

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