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News of VMS South

IALA Academy Delegate has finished the trip well at VMSS

On 30th October 2014, the IALA Academy Delegate has finished working program with VMS-S and VMSS’ Member Units with following specific tasks: surveyed some fairways, lighthouses managed by VMSS in Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau City, and Can Tho City

Ms. Jilian Carson – JacksonManager of VTS Department of Australia Maritime Safety Pilotage Service gave some evaluations and recommendations on maritime safety working and AtoNsystems of VMSS

According to Mr. Omar Frits Eriksson, Director of Denmark Maritime Safety Authority and Ms.Jilian Carson – Jackson, Manager of VTS Department of Australia Maritime Safety Pilotage Service have highly appreciated VMSS’s ability to manage maritime safety work and the maritime AtoN system of VMSS has met some IALA’s basic standards, workers who work on lighthouse stations have good professional skills, friendly working environment.  To further enhance VMSS’s ability, IALA Academy Delegate has suggested VMSS research to IALA guideline documents more and more, actively joint to meetings, conferences which organized by IALA, simultaneously push strong relationships with maritime companies, authorities and consider installing  AtoN buoys, beaconheight, vertical divergence, and find some solutions for preserving old lighthouses with many history values and consider using Racon because this equipment will be replaced by newer equipment with many more utilities. IALA Academy Delegate has evaluated and recommended some problems above after checked at VMSS. The formally recommended document of IALA will be issued on December 2014

Leader of Board and staff of VMSS took photo with Mr. Omar Frits Eriksson and Ms. Jilian Carson – Jackson

On behalf of VMSS Leader of Board, the Director General Pham Quoc Suy would like to give his many thanks to IALA Academy Delegate has visited and worked with VMSS, helped VMSS and member units received precious knowledge  for improving AtoN systems, applying newer technical equipment, rising maritime safety ability following the guidelines of IALA and SOLAS. He hoped and believed that after this trip, the relationship with VMSS and IALA Acedamy will be sustainable developing more and more in the future.

News: Pham Hoang, Photo: Ngoc Nam

Other News

VMS-South worked with Carmanah/Sabik Group

OCDI – The overseas coastal area development institude of Japan visit and work with VMS-South

VMS-South worked with Korean Association of Aid to Navigation (KAAN)

The signing ceremony between VMS-South and Woori Marine CO. LTD.

IALA Academy Delegate visiting and working with VMSS