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News of VMS South

Korea Association of Aid to Navigation (KAAN) visited and worked with VMS-South

On January 25, 2018 VMS-South welcomed delegates from KAAN visiting and working with VMS-South. Representatives of KAAN – Mr. Kim – Head of International Cooperation Department and Mr. JunKi Bae – Research Associate working with the Corporation. Mr. Pham Tuan Anh – Deputy General Director, together with leaders and staff of the Department of International Cooperation, International Cooperation, KT and PMU welcomed the delegation.

Quang cảnh Cuộc họp

Korea Association of Aids to Navigation (KAAN) has cooperated with VMS-South from 2015 and an official member of IALA. Frequently organizes training programs about maritime safety presided by IALA in Korea. At the meeting, the parties had some basically introduced about history, organization, functions and training programs. Through the introduction, corporations expressed to cooperate closely through training programs in maritime safety field.

The main objective of this visiting was introduction of Capacity building program for Aids to Navigation System Managers in Aisa-Pacific Ocean Area including cooperation to develop human resources in the maritime safety field, building the capacity of Aids to Navigation System Managers to establish policies that promote Aids to Navigation industry in developing countries; to improve the quality of life, prevention of maritime accidents and environmental pollution, ensuring systematic maritime safety and promote friendly cooperation and exchanges at the national level through the program Build capacity for Aids to Navigation System Managers in developing countries.

Towards VMS-South, the Corporation would like KAAN to support in training cooperation, building capacity of Aids to Navigation System Managers in VMS-South in the next time.

At the end of the meeting, VMS-South would like to give many thanks for assistance and contributions of KAAN. VMS-South expressed to cooperate with KAAN in maritime safety field in the near future.

News: Nguyen Thuy; Photo: Ngoc Nam

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