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News of VMS South

Sealite visited and worked with VMS-South

On June 30, 2016, the working group of Sealite Company visited and worked with VMS-South.

Sealite Company’s delegate party had Mr. Lawrence Pok-Business Development Manager-Asia. The meeting presided over by Mr. Pham Tuan Anh-Deputy Director General in company with Heads, staff of Maritime Safety Dept., International Cooperation & Pilot Management Dept., Economics Planning Dept., and Manager of Southern Maritime Mechanics Joint Stock Company attended the meeting.


At the meeting

At the meeting, Mr.Pok introduced some state-of-the-art products in maritime field, the first of which was Led lanterns for lighthouse, port entry lights, modern integrated AIS system installed in lighthouse’s lantern and buoys. In addition, Shackle chains technical productions designed by 05 synthetic types, covered by rubber for buoy, mooring buoy.


Besides, Sealite would like to cooperate with the corporation in the production of 05 tons buoy type combined with Sealite’s shackle chains exporting to Australia market in the near future as well as building the integrated AIS project installation of AtoN devices to 2020 and vision to 2030.

In the conclusion meeting, On behalf of VMS-South, Deputy General Director Pham Tuan Anh would say a heartfelt thank you to Sealite in general and Mr. Pok in particular. He hoped that after this visiting meeting, the relationship between VMS-South and Sealite will be durable, develop more in the future.

News: Thuy Nguyen; Photo: Dang Khoa

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