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News of VMS South

VMS-S became PIANC’s 38th member

Based on permission of Ministry of Transport and agreement between Vietnam Maritime Administration, 02 Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporations (VMS-North and VMS-South) and Mr. Louis Van Schel – General Secretary of The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure – PIANC,

On 22nd May, 2015, VMS-South represented for Vietnam became the 38th official member (Qualifying member) of PIANC.

Phó Cục trưởng Cục Hàng hải Việt Nam - Nguyễn Hoàng và đại diện 2 Tổng công ty Bảo đảm an toàn hàng hải miền Bắc và miền Nam làm việc với Tổng thư ký PIANC

 Founded in 1885, PIANC is a non-political and non-profit organization where the best international experts in technical, economic, environmental fields related to maritime transport infrastructure, waterborne infrastructure are brought together in order to give consultancies, solutions to create favorable conditions for development of waterborne transport infrastructure.

PIANC has members in 65 countries, including 38 Qualifying members, 2 International River Commissions, about 450 Corporate Members (private companies, harbor agencies, firms, laboratories, chambers of commerce, etc.) and about 2000 Individual Members.  In addition, PIANC has 25 National Sections are recognized and operate to facilitate contacts between PIANC HQ and the membership. PIANC is also the leading partner, in company with governments and private sectors in design, development and maintenance of ports, waterways and coastal areas.

Qualifying Members of PIANC, in company with leading experts, could exchange, sharing information through electronic data, workshops, conference in order to share experiences and knowledge in maritime field, waterborne transport field.

Thus, VMS-South became a qualifying member of PIANC will bring more opportunities for Corporation to take situations as well as exchange, approach guidance, recommendations of leading experts in technology, information related to maritime field and waterborne transport field with a view to creating a safety navigation environment for management, productions and trading of VMS-South in particular and maritime authorities in general. Besides, VMS-South will be the contact point, gather and share information related to maritime field between authorities in Vietnam and PIANC, thence maintaining connection in Vietnam waterborne transport community as well as international community to promote cooperation, sustainable development between maritime field in Vietnam and PIANC.

News: International Cooperation and Pilot Management Dept.

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