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News of VMS South

VMS-South worked with Carmanah/Sabik Group

To promote new produces and strengthen cooperation with VMS-South, on 22nd January 2015, Mr.Jens Berg, Business & Marketing Manager and Mr. David Koh, Business Manager of Asia zone from Carmanah/Sabik Group and Mr. Nguyen Duc Tho, manager of Duc Anh Quan Company visited and worked with VMS-South. Welcoming Carmanah/Sabik Group, VMS-South side had Mr. Tran Duc Thi, Deputy General Director, delegates of International Cooperation Dept., Maritime Safety Dept., Technical Dept., Plans & Investment Dept., Eat-Southern maritime safety company, and Southern maritime AtoN Equipment Comapany.


Mr. Jens Berg, business & marketing manager of Carmanah/Sabik Group spoke at the meeting

At the meeting, Carmanah/Sabik Group introduced new products, especially maritime equipment products which designed, produced have advantages of energy saving, easy to transport, easy to maintain, towards integrated monitoring and remote control.

VMS-South also introduced about organization, range of operation as well as the operation situation of VMS-South’s maritime equipment. Two sides were active in exchange information, Carmanah/Sabik suggested VMS-South considering, trying, testing surveillance and remote control equipment. In the future, Carmanah/Sabik Group hopes that VMS-South will strengthen cooperation together.


Mr. Tran Duc Thi, Deputy General Director and Delegates of Dept. took photo with Carmanah/Sabik

On behalf of VMS-South, Mr. Tran Duc Thi, Deputy General Director gave many thanks to Carmanah/Sabik Group and he would report to General Director for making plan to strengthen cooperation with Carmanah/Sabik Group in the future

Writer: Thu Hồng; Photo: Ngọc Nam

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