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News of VMS South

VMS-South attended the 16thsession of APHoMSA forum

The 16thSession of Asia Pacific Heads of Maritime Safety Agencies (Aphomsa) Forumwas taken place in Shenzhen City, China from 21 to 23 April 2015. In this forum, China has hosted with attendees from 15 other member countries in the Forum including Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Fiji, Hongkong-China, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Solomon Islands, and Vietnam and 05 international Organizations such as International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), GloblMET Limited, ReCAAP, Tokyo MoU

Topics which were discussed in the forum are focus on maritime safety issues as follows: passenger ship safety, safety at sea, maritime incident response, and protecting maritime environment.

Đoàn Việt Nam tham dự diễn đàn APHoMSA lần thứ 16 diễn ra tại Thẩm Quyến, Trung Quốc.

Vietnamese Delegates attended the 16th session of Aphomsa took place in Shenzhen, China

Mr. QuachDinh Hung, VMS-South’s Deputy General Director and Vietnam Maritime Administration leaders and VMS-North Leaders were Vietnam representative attended the forum this time

Opening the conference, the IMO general secretary brought out the keynote that introduced IMO’s international conventions, challenges that the IMO member countries are faced when implementing the IMO’s conventions, problems of environment in the world and recommends the countries in implementing international conventions anti-fouling system controlled hazardous for ships (AFS), the International Convention on Ballast Water Management ship (BWM)…

At the forum, the IMO general secretary and participants appreciated highly Vietnam’s efforts in implementing IMO conventions.

At the side of the forum, Vietnamese delegates also spent more time for exchanging and sharing information and experiences with other participants in maritime safety field.

News & Photo: Luu Van Ha

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