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VMSS delegation attended the 19th APHoMSA Conference in Chile (9-12/4/2018)

The 19th Asia Pacific Head of Maritime Safety Agency – APHoMSA was taking place at Vinar del Mar – Chile from 9-12/4/2018. Attended the meeting were delegates from 24 countries and international organizations. Vietnam delegation included representatives of Vietnam Maritime Administration (Mr. Bui Thien Thu – Deputy Head of Vinamarine), Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation (Mr. Bui The Hung – General Director), Northern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation (Mr. Nguyen Thai Hoa – Deputy General director) and technical staffs participating in the conference.


Delegates attended the conference

Conference received reports and discussed main topics including:

- Protection of the marine environment: issues of waste management from ships, strategies to reduce greenhouse gases from ships, the implementation of the Convention related to the protection of the marine environment, the issue of technical cooperation in the area …

- Maritime Safety and issues related to mariners: research on solutions to improve maritime safety for inland transport; coastal shipping, safety management in passenger transportation by ferry, implementation of the IMO Convention and assessment program implemented the conventions of the IMO for the members (IMSAS), the application of new generation in maritime safety system, building e-navigation, international cooperation in the investigation of marine accidents, activities related to the hydrographic work in Asia – Pacific, the exchange of information on maritime safety; the registration and classification of ships …

- Handling maritime accidents: treatment of the marine environmental pollution, sharing experiences respond to incidents of maritime accidents of member countries, searching and rescuing at sea, monitoring applications of satellites in search and rescue …

- Technical cooperation in the area: the contents of technical cooperation in Asia – Pacific, technical cooperation in the region and the world, the main results in operation of the organizations APHoMSA; Tokyo MOU; IALA; IMO; SPC (South Pacific Community) …

In the framework of the conference, dated 11/04, representatives from Vietnam presented the report “State Administration for maritime safety and security” with content of sharing information about the management structure, the implementation of State management in Vietnam on maritime safety and security and the work of  maritime safety in Vietnam, besides, Vietnam also shared experience in respond to maritime accidents involving natural disasters (in particular the case of Typhoon Damrey in November 2017 in Quy Nhon province). The speech was received the attention of members attending the conference and united to put in a joint statement of the Conference about Vietnam proposals on cooperation in information sharing in the response to natural disasters and resolving maritime accidents in the region.

Vietnam delegation attended the Conference

Vietnam delegation attended the Conference

Besides, Vietnam delegation also suggested and discussed at the Conference on the work of maritime safety for inland transport ships; coastal vessels and passenger transport from the shore to the island on the basis of actual operations in Vietnam.

In the framework beside the conference, Vietnam delegation met and worked with the Japanese delegation about the possibility of cooperation between the parties in professional fields of mutual interest, worked with Republic of Vanuatu Maritime Administration; Republic of Cook Island Maritime Administration on ability towards the signing of the agreement recognizing professional competence certificate of mariners in accordance with international conventions STCW and worked with Chile Maritime Administration about the possibility of cooperation in the field of seaports, maritime safety…

Delegates worked with the Chile Maritime Administration

Delegates worked with the Chile Maritime Administration

Before completion of the work program, the meeting also discussed the proposal of Mongolia to become a new member of APHoMSA as well as the preparations for the 20th APHoMSA Conference to be held in Korea in 2019 and other related contents.

Asia Pacific Head of Maritime Safety Agency (APHoMSA) was established in 1996 to promote maritime safety and security and marine environmental protection in the Asia Pacific.

APHoMSA implement their goals by building a forum where senior maritime safety leaders meet together to build and maintain a deep understanding of the common issues related to maritime safety and security, as well as offering coordination of technical cooperation activities and represent the interests of the sector in the completion of application of international standards in marine.

Forum members pledged to improve cooperation and exchange of information on maritime safety and security, marine environmental protection and safety of seafarers.

Vietnam has organized the 13th APHoMSA Conference in July 2012 in Nha Trang successfully and received high appreciation from the member countries.

News & Photo: Minh Thuan; Trans: Thu Ha

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